Friday, 31 August 2012

The Starving Artists' Kitchen

If you're making your living through creative work, chances are that at least some of the time you'll be short of cash.  For those of you unwilling to live on oil paint or printer ink, The Starving Artists' Kitchen is here to help.  


It is possible to eat well on an unpredictable budget, but you need to think ahead.

1. Plan your week's menu in advance and include as many meals as you can with overlapping ingredients.  This will minimise food wastage.  

2.  Look out for special offers - 2 for 1 deals can help shape your menu and save cash.

3. If you've just been paid, stock up for the lean periods with ingredients that can freeze or store long term.  You might not need it this week, but soon enough you will.

4. The same goes for herbs and spices.  You'll find the same ones cropping up again and again in recipes, so make sure to buy them in at times when you have spare cash.  I'd recommend the following:

Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon - makes great stock, also good as a hot drink.
Oregano / Mixed Herbs
Bay Leaves
Ground Coriander
Ground Cinnamon
Ground Cumin
Ground Turmeric
Ground Paprika
Ground Chilli Powder
Soy Sauce

4. Go shopping with cash and a calculator.  If you don't carry a card you don't have the option of going over budget.

5. Eat with friends.  Cooking larger quantities can prove cheaper in the long run, and if leftovers freeze well all the better.  It also allows the option of cooking for them one day a week while they cook for you another.  Alternatively, you can all pitch in together on the ingredients.

6. Buy eggs, onions, dried pasta, rice, frozen peas, tinned tuna and tinned tomatoes. If you have these in the house you will never be hungry.  Bored rigid with your repetitive diet yes, but not hungry.

7. The Starving Artists' Kitchen will have a new recipe every Thursday. Happy cooking!

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