Wednesday, 16 April 2014


One of writing’s greatest challenges is closing the gap between what you want to say and your ability to say it. 

Putting pen to paper for the first time can be a shock.  The story that seemed so clear in your head suddenly won’t do what you want it to – and fixing the problems of one part has knock-on effects elsewhere.  It’s like a giant game of three-dimensional chess, complex and challenging, requiring huge determination.   Wanting to write a book is just the first step.  So what happens next?

(Keith Gray - The Writer's Pyramid)

On March 29th, SCWBI SES, the Scottish chapter of the Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, met in Edinburgh for a ‘Strong Beginnings’ workshop with author Keith Gray.  SCWBI is the international organization for writers and illustrators of children’s books, and if you’re not yet a member, it’s well worth a look. 

Both published and unpublished writers can join, and it’s a valuable source of support and information.  The international website is here, the British Isles one here, and my review of Keith’s workshop will be available here when it’s published in Words and Pictures, the SCWBI British Isles online magazine. 

Until then, here's SCWBI SES’s latest success story, YA author Christina Banach, whose debut novel Minty was published last week by Three Hares Publishing.  Go Christina!

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